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Max® Slate

Cast with the detail edges of natural slate and with 6 unique profiles the natural colors are made possible through the use of virgin resins with our...

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Max® Shake

The wood grain texture and the 5/8” butt of this finely crafted 19.5” X 18” profile makes it difficult to determine this roof tile from its...

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Max® Snow Guards Max Snow Guards are available in two unique styles that were designed to prevent snow and ice injuries to...

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Top Slate

Top Slate provides a solution to roofing problems caused by poor ventilation on slate roofs. This product is offered in 20 oz copper or in various...

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Sky Lights

Skylights – you choose your style! Available with 7 built-in flashing or 4 curb-mounted designs at virtually any size, these leak-proof skylights...

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Copper Gutter

Copper Gutter Systems made in Germany. This complete ½ round product line of 20 oz seamless copper gutters and downspouts offer...

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MAX® provides durable, lightweight, environmentally friendly, fire, hail, wind and weather resistant synthetic roof tiles that capture the beauty and texture of natural slate and shake products. These roof tiles can be ordered in ANY color.

Ongoing testing ensures the MAX® quality standards. Our superior formulation produces roof tiles that provide superior weathering and achieve the highest ratings in Fire – Class A (with only 30# felt); Hail – Class 4 and Wind @ 110 mph.

Easy to install when following known and proven roofing guidelines, the MAX® roof tiles are backed by a 50 Year Limited and Transferable Warranty and will provide you with a unique, classic roof for decades to come and with a fraction of the maintenance required for their natural counterparts.

Max Slate is a durable, lightweight, environmentally friendly, fire resistant, hail resistant, weather resistant, synthetic slate with the beauty and texture of natural slate.

Ongoing testing ensures Max Slate’s quality standards. Anyone can easily install Max Slate following known and proven roofing guidelines and in accordance with local codes. There are also no hidden costs or component materials needed for installation.

Supported by an underwritten 50-year warranty, Max Slate will provide you with the most beautiful and unique roof for decades to come at a competitive prices to many of the Class C rubber-based synthetic slate roofing titles on the market today.

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