Styles, Features & Use Of The Designer Shingle

Is a home simply a roof over your head? Or is it more of a statement about you, your life and your style? No matter how you see it, the designer or luxury shingles offer you some extraordinary qualities. As one of the heaviest types of shingles ever made, the designer shingle is ideal for homes of a variety of styles, especially those featuring steeply pitched rooflines.

Most designer shingles are considered as super heavyweights due to their multi-layered construction. They can weigh as much as 450 lbs. per square! That is a huge difference when compared to a measley 150 lbs. per square of the 3 tab shingle. They are also built to withstand winds in excess of 110 mph and have lifetime limited warranties instead of 20 – 30 year warranties as with most standard and architectural shingles.

Most of these shingles have the additional attribute of resisting the growth of algae (commonly called fungus), especially in damp regions. This design feature helps prevent the black streaking commonly seen on shingles in areas with high humidity and rainfall totals. Algae resistant shingles are not available or needed in all regions.

These shingles are generally composed of a fiber glass mat base. They have ceramic-coated mineral granules that are tightly embedded in carefully refined, water-resistant asphalt. Multiple layers of the shingle are firmly laminated together in a special tough asphaltic cement. Architectural shingles also have self-sealing adhesive and are available in “English” dimensions and in “Metric” dimensions, depending on the product and sales region.

This type of shingle can be used on roofs with slopes greater than 2″ per foot. Low slope applications (2″ to 4″ per foot) require additional underlayment to prevent leakage. In areas where icing along the eaves can cause a backup of water, they must have a waterproofing underlayment such as the CertainTeed WinterGuard™ Waterproofing Shingle Underlayment, or its equivalent, placed under the shingles according to application instructions provided with the product and on the shingle package.

Designer shingles come in a wide variety of colors but availability can vary by region. Please refer to the product colors by region charts, sample boards, information centers and consult your sales representative to verify color availability.

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