Technological developments in recent years have vastly increased the range of materials available for residential roofing. Instead of just asphalt, you can now choose between many different medium priced roofing materials. For example, you can now use metal, which is durable and gives the same high quality shingle look, but without the same expense as cedar shakes, tile, or slate. You can now also get commercial solar roofing shingles, which cheaper and more visually attractive than they once were.

Types of Shingles

Asphalt shingles made of fibreglass or organic material are the most common and least expensive roofing shingle. The cheapest are the organic shingles, which last around twenty years and retail for around sixty to one hundred dollars per square metre. For a stronger, more flexible option, there are fibreglass shingles which can last up to thirty years. For the highest quality shingle, consider dimensional shingles, which are the thickest shingle and can be customised to fit in with specific architectural designs.

Asphalt shingles are easily installed by any roofing company because they are so common. The most important thing to remember when installing asphalt shingles is that good ventilation is vital to ensure good air flow in the attic spaces. Generally there should be one vent per ninety square metres. Half the vents should be near the ridge and the other half should be by the eaves. This can prevent moss build up, which is one of the major problems with asphalt roofs, along with wind damage.

For variety in colour and design, metal shingles are options which have become available relatively recently. They slightly more expensive than asphalt shingles, but do last longer: up to fifty years. Metal shingles are lightweight, and are easy to work with and install for roofing companies. For those who cannot afford slate or tile shingles, metal shingles can be designed to imitate tile and slate, making them an excellent alternative.

While tile roof shingles are cost more than metal ones, they do not last any longer, and are difficult to install. This is because tile shingles are very heavy, and require a roofer with specialized training to install properly. Slate shingles can cost up to ten times more than asphalt, from six hundred to a thousand dollars per square metre, making it them the most expensive shingle material. Again, slate needs a particular expertise to install properly, especially as slate is quite brittle and can easily break during installation.

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