Rubber roofing rarely needs maintenance, but this guide will give you a quick overview of how to repair your rubber roof for the rare occasions when you’ll need to do so.

Sealants for Rubber Roof Repair

Minor repairs can be made to your rubber roof by applying a liquid sealant, or a special rubberized tape. Tubes of rubber roof repair sealant cement typically come in 10oz sizes, and contain oils mixed with the liquid rubber that help it to penetrate and fill any cracks that may have appeared. Very server damage might need the replacement of the entire roof, but this is rare.

Tape can also be used to help in rubber roof repair, but you’ll need a special sort made especially for rubber roofs. These will be made from a mixture of resin and rubber, and has a very strong adhesive on the back which is able to withstand extreme temperatures. It is resistant to UV rays and will not deteriorate due to the impact of weather. Liquid rubber sealant comes in a wide range of colours so you can match it up with the original colour of your roof.

The Effect of Cleaning on Rubber Roof Surfaces

A 1992 US Army study on the results of cleaning services gloucester methods for rubber roofs concluded that droplet of dimethyl formalmide, commonly abbreviated to DMF, applied with an eyedropper, can adequately indicate the bonding condition of aged rubber roofing. You need to clean away all contaminants so that the original colour is restored before applying any patches.

While rubber roof cleaning Auckland in preparation for repairs, make sure you regularly chage cloths in order to avoid re-depositing dirt on the surface. The recommended cleaning method found by the army’s study was to use a wire push attached to an electric drill, which applied forceful abrasion to the surface of the roof.

This study demonstrates the strength and resilience of rubber roofing. A rubber roof can be restored to a near new condition by simply cleaning it. A good clean will allow patches to be applied, meaning that even if cracks or tears appear, a rubber roof can last a lifetime.

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