Previously if you wanted your roof to fit in with the design of the rest of the building, your choices in terms of ornamental shingles was limited to tile, slate and cedar shakes. Unfortunately, these are also the most expensive type of shingle, a fact that prevented many people from using them. That left only composite shingles, which were limited to one colour (black) severely restricting creativity in design.


The creation of architectural roof shingles in recent years has vastly increased the choices available for roofing projects. These shingles imitate the appearance and texture of other types of shingles. They are still the same composite asphalt shingles, and are the cheapest option for pitched roofing available today.

Architectural roof shingles can be sourced through many manufacturers.
Architectural roof shingles have patterns that make them look like other shingle materials. They also make for easier installation because the patterns mean the composite shingles don’t need to be lined up precisely. Architectural shingles can look like cedar, tile, or slate. They can be made of organic materials or fibreglass, giving a life span of twenty to thirty years.

You can also get architectural shingles that are made of metal. These come in many different designs, shapes and colours. Metal is not as cheap as composite material, but it does last about twenty years longer. It is also easier to install because it is light, and needs very little maintenance. Metal roofing has developed enough so that cedar shakes can be copied, along with slate and tile imitations.

Metal shingles are also preferable because it is highly weather resistant, can stand up to strong winds, and doesn’t absorb water. Metal roofing material can also be filled with a liquid insulation material, providing inbuilt, uniform insulation across your entire roof.

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