If you are considering renovating your roof, or installing a new roof on a home or commercial building, metal shingles are an excellent choice of material. Metal shingles are middle range in terms of price; they are not as cheap as asphalt shingles, but they are not a great deal more expensive. Metal shingles are also more durable, lasting ten to twenty years longer than asphalt. The wide range of textures and looks available for metal shingles make allow you to achieve the same appearance for your roof while avoiding the expense of tile or slate shingles.


Besides the reasonable price, metal shingles offer a wide range of benefits. They are much lighter than slate or tile, which reduces the level of structural support they need in a building. The light weight of metal shingles means they are easy to handle for roofing companies as there is no need for heavy machinery like cranes in order to get them up onto the roof. Metal shingles are designed to fit together perfectly, making them very easy to install.

Metal shingles are also able to be insulated, which eliminates the expense of installing separate roofing insulation. Two metal sheets are infused with liquid insulation foam which fills the space between the sheets. It is then hung to dry until it forms a solid, insulated piece, giving the roof uniform insulation.

Seam metal roofs are the most well known type of metal roof, In these roofs, the metal sheets are joined together side by side by concealed fastenings so that they appear to be one solid sheet, rather than shingles. However, the huge variety of metal shingles on the market today gives the consumer the ability to match the shingles to the specific design of their home or office. They can be made to look like tile or slate, like traditional shingles, and can come in many different colours.

Metal roofs usually come with a warranty of up to fifty years because they are so long lasting. Metal roofs are galvanized with zinc oxide, giving them a high resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and are also resistant to weather conditions like strong winds. Moss and mould damage is not an issue with metal roofs because metal does not absorb water like other roofing materials do.

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