If installed correctly by a roofing company, the major distinction between roofing materials (apart from appearance) is the length of time they last. The most expensive shingles are also the ones that last the longest. With the variety of material available on the market today, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice the desired appearance of the roof in favour of affordability. There are also some medium priced roofing shingles that can last for up to fifty years, so you don’t necessarily need to pay a huge amount for a long lasting roof.

Differences in Materials

Composite roofing material (made of organic or fibreglass asphalt) is the cheapest form of pitched roof shingle. Composite shingles are the most common type of material, and can last for up to forty years. As the price increases, so does the life span as the material gets thicker and stronger, and also gives more options in terms of design. Potential problems which can arise with these types of shingles include moss build up, which requires regular maintenance, and the need for constant, adequate ventilation and air circulation under the roof.

The next level in terms of pricing for roofing shingles includes materials like metal and rubber. Metal shingles are the most common, and are more adaptable than rubber. They do cost a little more than composite shingles, but are still quite reasonable. Metal shingles also save money in terms of framing materials, as the level of support they need is greatly reduced due to their light weight. Many metal shingles come with insulation already inbuilt, so there is no additional cost for roof insulation. The cost of metal shingles also takes into account their long life span, up to fifty years.

Slate shingles are the longest lasting material, but are also the most expensive. They have been in use for a very long time, but are not widely used because of their cost and the difficulties in installation. Slate shingles can last over one hundred years, and so replacement and maintenance costs are nearly nonexistent, which can save money in the long term.

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