Finding the best commercial roofing contractor for the job at hand is very important due to the large amount of responsibilities the contractor will have. They have to make sure they know how to correctly work with the roof type and roofing materials needed for the job, and also make sure the work is completed to the standards required by the local authority. You should ask a lot of questions and get an accurate quote before hiring any commercial contractor.

Questions to Ask

The contractor should be licensed by the relevant local authority, and should be bonded by a surety company. Because roofs cost so much, you should not hire any contractor without a license as the danger of receiving poor workmanship are just too great. Commercial roofing contractors should also be part of a professional roofing association such as the Roofing Association of New Zealand.

This will mean that the contractor should be up to date on the latest techniques, materials, and standards of work, and is able to maintain a high level of professionalism.

It is also very important that the commercial contractor is able to provide proof of insurance showing that both the contractor and any workmen used are covered by insurance for the entire length of the project. The insurance policy should also provide worker compensation for any worker who is injured on a job. This will protect you from liability should any accidents occurs during the work.

Also enquire about the sort of safety training the contractor’s work crews have, and how often this is refreshed. Because so many workers are needed for large jobs, safety is very important and workmen need to be properly educated about safety standards. The contractor should be happy to give a list of references from previous clients so that you can see for yourself the quality of past work.

Lastly, obtain written quotes from potential candidates so that you can compare costs. The estimates should contain all the details of the project, such as materials, length of time needed, supervisors needed, how many workmen will be needed, and how much labour will cost.

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