When the repairs needed for your rubber roof exceed the capabilities of sealant or tape to fix, you may need to put a new coating on the rubber. These coatings come in two types: a liquid rubber that is applied like paint, and a rubber sheet which is attached to the original rubber roof with special glue. Each type of coating has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Liquid Rubber Roof Coatings

Liquid coatings are most commonly black, white, or grey, but can come in other colours to match up with the original colour of your roof. You can apply them with a brush or roller, just like paint, and you can add multiple layers depending on how thick the coating needs to be. These qualities make liquid coating much more versatile than sheet coatings. Liquid coating can increase the life span of a rubber roof by up to twenty years if done correctly.

It’s important that you make sure the surface is even when applying liquid rubber coating. Just like with paint, an uneven application can make your roof look awful. It can also result in water pooling in the ridges of the coating, making it harder to evaporate and reducing the effectiveness of the coating. However, the durability of liquid rubber coatings means that this reduction in effectiveness is not a huge problem. It is always good, though, to take that extra care and get the best result possible.

The Use of Sheeting for Coating Rubber Roofs

You can also get rubber roof coating in the form of rubber sheets. For a price, you can get the sheets custom made for the specific shape of your roof. A less expensive option is to simply buy the generic sheets off the shelf. They should be laid in a grid pattern, with the edges overlapping to prevent leaks between the edges. This type of coating is easier to apply than the liquid form, although you will need a special primer and adhesive to ensure it sticks properly. Care must be taken to lay the sheets in absolute flush with the original roof surface in order to prevent air bubbles.

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