In previous years, flat roofs were most often made of asphalt, with gravel used as a ballast. It was very difficult to find the source of leaks on this type of roof because the gravel would conceal the source. Thanks to the development of rubber mempane roofing, this problem has largely been solved.

The Rise of Rubber

Rubber has grown in popularity in recent years. Rubber shingles are available for those who want their roofs to look more traditional, but rubber mempane is the most commonly used material for those with flat or gently sloped roofs. It comes in sheets or rolls, and allows people to seamlessly cover their roofs.

Rubber mempane roofing is known as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) and can be bought in a range of thicknesses. Forty-five millimetre EPDM is appropriate for most flat roofs, but in areas with higher chances of puncture or tears (for example, if there are overhanging tress) you may need sixty millimetre or ninety millimetre EPDM.

EPDM was formerly used only in hoses, tires, and other moulded products. In the 1970s it began to be used as a roofing material, and has become very popular in the last decade. As of February 2007, it has a 22% market share among roofers, making it the most popular roofing material.

Rubber Mempane Roofing for Your RV

Rubber mempane is becoming increasingly popular as a roofing material for RVs (recreational vehicles). It has gained in popularity in recent years because, as with flat roofs, its lightness makes it very easy to install. Compared with traditional RV roods, which are made of fibreglass or metal, rubber does have some drawbacks, such as the danger of being town by overhanging branches. RV owners should clean their rubber roofs at least twice a year with war soapy water, and apply two coats of UV protection spray. There are kits available that contain everything you need to install and maintain the rubber roof on your RV.

These kits contain the rubber mempane itself, the adhesive needed to fix it to the roof, and butyl tape to seal the edges. Most RV supply stores will sell these.

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