If your roof needs replacing, the first thing you should do to make sure the best work possible is done is to find a contractor who specializes in the type of roof you have. The type of roof and the material used will be a factor in which contractor you hire because each type requires special training. For example, some contractors may be experts in pitched roofs made of slate. Another thing you need to consider is whether the contractor has roof contractor insurance.

Questions to Ask

Roof contractor insurance is bought by the contractor, and covers any accidents which may happen while working on a job. The insurance policy should cover the contractor and any workers that are under his authority, as the contractor will be moving around different work sites. The policy should also provide worker compensation for any worker who is injured on a job. It should last for the length of time the work takes, even if it goes overtime.

If you are considering hiring a roofing contractor, make sure you ask to see a copy of this insurance policy. Check to ensure that all workers are covered, not just the contractor themselves, and the insurance lasts for the entire time the work is taking place.

Besides insurance, there are some other important things you should ask about when searching for a contractor. Make sure they have a license to practice from the local governing body; if they don’t, stay well away from them. A contractor should also be bonded by a surety company, and should be a member of a professional organization such as the Roofing Association of New Zealand. This will mean that the contractor should be up to date on the latest techniques, materials, and standards of work. A contractor’s warranty should be offered in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring the roof is fully covered.

A good contractor will willingly provide references from previous clients so that you can check the quality of their past work. Once you’ve narrowed down potential contractors to a short list, get quotes from all of them for price, time and materials so that you can make a comparison.

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