Slate has been used to build roofs for a very long time. Slate roofs can last for over a hundred years, and some have even lasted for two hundred years. Slate compliments any building design, and can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home or office.

Benefits of Slate

Although slate is the most expensive roofing material available, the cost is offset to a certain degree by the fact that it lasts for so long, and that it requires very little maintenance. Slate costs around ten times as much as asphalt roofing, from six hundred to a thousand dollars per square metre. However, it is very visually appealing, and will probably never need replacing during the owner’s lifetime.

It is vital that you get a contractor who is a specialist in slate to install a slate roof. This will reduce the risk of any problems occurring, and will ensure you get the full value from your slate roof. Be sure to check the references of any potential contractor, and ask if they belong to a professional slate roofing organization. This would mean they are up to date on the latest materials and techniques.

Because slate is naturally fireproof, it does not need the added fire retardant that other materials like cedar shake do. Slate is also moss resistant, another danger of other roofing materials. Moss can erode the water resistance of a shingle, heightening the chance of leaks. Because slate is a type of stone, the maintenance required is minimal, barring unusual damage such as a tree falling on the roof.

If slate is beyond your price range, but you still want the appearance of slate for your building, there are some other options available. Metal roofing is now available in a number of patterns and textures, including imitation slate. Metal is lighter and less brittle than slate, so it is easier to install, and the cost is far lower than real slate. Because metal roofing does not require the same level of expertise as slate, installation costs are also greatly reduced.

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