Every year the Balta Corporation spends millions of dollars on perfecting the locking system for its Balterio laminate flooring and uses the latest technology in order to do this.

The isometric double locking system that is used on all Balterio laminate flooring not only locks easily together but it locks much more tightly together than any other kind of laminate flooring available today.

Click Xpress

The system known as Click Xpress makes it relatively easy for anyone to install the Balterio range of laminate flooring. This is because the rotation system that the Balta Corporation has devised makes it much easier for a person to click the panels together and this then provides them with not only a sturdy floor but one that also looks seamless as well. Plus another great advantage to using this system is that you do not have to worry about the mess you would be making with glue as it is not required.

Another great feature about the Click Xpress system is that if you want to move it during either the installation process or when you are carrying out some renovation or remodeling works to your home this can be done easily. All you do is snap them out and then click them back into place as soon as you can. Using this system, it takes around 3/4 of the time it would normally take you when laying either traditional flooring or some other kind of laminate flooring instead.

A Huge Variety of Styles

As well as having a wonderfully simple installation system the Balterio laminate flooring comes in a wide variety of different styles and colors so it will reflect you and your home perfectly. But not only does Balterio laminate flooring provide you with a wide range of styles and colors, it also has the feel of real wood as well. This is because the surface has been textured to ensure that it provides you with a real wood feel but does not come with all the care and maintenance requirements that real wood has. Not only does it feel like real wood, it also sounds like solid wood should.

Less Money Out of Pocket

In addition, one of the major advantages to be had from installing Balterio laminate flooring in your home compared to that of real wood is the cost. Certainly you would expect to find that the cost of installing this kind of laminate flooring would be much cheaper but you are still provided with high quality stable and dense boards that are also resistant to moisture and this is because of the HDF core that the Balta Corporation during the manufacturing process of their laminate floorings.

So if you are a looking for a floor covering which not only provides you with styles to suit every person’s taste and room decor, you should look no further than choosing a Balterio laminate flooring for your home.

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