Six Advantages of Choosing Aluminum Pergolas Over Wooden Ones

Choosing a pergola made of aluminum has many advantages over having one built out of wood. For starters, aluminum structures are lightweight, durable, and green. In addition, they resist bug infestations, require a minimum of maintenance in order to retain their original beauty, and do not require you to either stain or paint them on almost a yearly basis. These are some of the reasons that many people are deciding not to go with the traditional wooden buildings and opting for aluminum pergolas instead.

Aluminum is a sustainable material, so if you’re into buying green, you’ll like aluminum. As a natural element, it is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust, so you won’t be stripping the world of trees or other important materials by building with it. Even though aluminum has been in use since ancient times, there is no danger of it running short. Usually it is blended with other materials to form the extremely durable product used in construction. Since it is not inherently toxic, people who work with it do not typically suffer any health-related problems.

As you already know, insects love wood. The most damaging of these bugs include termites, powderpost beetles, and carpenter ants. These insects can infest any wooden structure and cause serious damage necessitating professional extermination. Not so with an aluminum pergola. Aluminum is used to make extra-strong insect screens for windows, because bugs don’t touch it, so you know that they aren’t going to cause any problems with other aluminum structures.

If you have ever had a wood deck, you know what a lot of work wood takes to stay looking nice. Even if you leave it in its natural state, you still need to coat it with water seal periodically so that water won’t get inside the pores of the wood and cause rot. You also need to power wash it at least once every year to remove the crud that builds up on it. If it has been stained or painted, you will need to refurbish it every spring as paint and stain wear away quickly. Aluminum, on the other hand, comes powder-coated so that it will never require any refinishing. This will save you a ton of work over the life of your arbor.

Even if you’ve been thinking of how to build a pergola for a long time now, you might want to start thinking of an aluminum one instead. There are so many clear advantages to using this lightweight, durable metal, including the fact that aluminum pergolas are less expensive than those made of many other materials.

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