Pergolas have been around for hundreds of years – and for good reason. You can instantly increase the value of your home, and more importantly, give yourself a little piece of paradise within your backyard. The good news is with the right pergola building plans and kits such as wall mounted pergola kits can help you create your own garden oasis.

Looking over your backyard, couldn’t you just see a fantastic pergola that will add both structure and height to your otherwise boring yard? As a starting point for any backyard landscaping Adelaide project, a pergola will set the tone and establish a point that you can build from.

After all, a landscape plan for a vast, undeveloped tract of land can be difficult for anyone to envision, and it’s expensive to hire a professional landscape designers Sydney to come up with ideas for you. With the large variety of pergola designs that are available as either do-it-yourself plans or actual pergola kits, you can turn your yard into whatever fantasy world you can imagine.

All you have to do is look online to see the multitude of different pergola designs that are available. Whether you choose to attach the pergola to your house as a cover for your deck or built a freestanding one in order to create a focal point, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. What type of wood do you want to use? How large do you want the pergola to be? What will you use the area for? Furniture? Plants? A swing? Making these decisions first can definitely steer you in the right direction when it comes time to choose your pergola plans.

You will find a lot of free pergola plans by searching online. Many websites will supply you with plans, supply and equipment lists, and step-by-step instructions and drawings to help you build your own pergola without incurring the cost of a professional carpenter. Since many pergolas are very basic, square structures, you’re sure to be able to find pergola plans that you have the skills to build. Besides you can always have a few buddies come over to help you and make a fun day out of building your pergola.

If you don’t quite feel up to building your own pergola from scratch, you can find pergola kits in many different designs. Some of these kits are for simple, open structures, but you can also find pergola kits that will give you a cozier, more secluded space to sit with friends or family or just reading a book. No matter what pergola designs you have in mind, what pergola plans you choose to use, or what pergola kit you decide on, you’ll love having this additional space in your backyard.

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