The design of pergola rafter tiles can greatly impact the look and feel of your pergola. You can choose from simple rafter tails to more complex ones depending on what kind of atmosphere you want for your landscaping. What look do you want?

Pergola Rafter Tails – 3 Steps to Creating a Unique and Beautiful Design

Pergola rafter tails don’t have to be elaborate, especially if the climbing plants are the focal point. A plain rafter tail is simply cut at an angle across the end. However, if you would like to create a more individual style, it will give your pergola a more elaborate and expensive look. This is how to do it –

Draw a ‘design box’ on paper

Take the depth of the rafter (usually about 4″ – 6″) and the distance that you would like the rafter to overhang from the post. This will give you a box within which to work on your design.

Create your design

Within the box, leave the top line (longest edge) as it is.
Then, measure about 1″ – 2″ down the right-hand side (depending on preference), to form a right angle with the top edge.

Now, measure the thickness of your wood, marking it on the left-hand bottom side of your box. This will be where the rafters are ‘notched’, so that they fit together.

Take the measurement from 2. and mark it to the right of 3. These are the points from which you will create your wonderful template.

Next comes the fun part. Draw convex curves, concave curves, or the two together, between these two points to form the basis of the design. Try to keep the lines flowing. Explore the options. Try to imagine the effect that your design will achieve. Have a go at two or three different ideas, before making your choice.
When you have decided, cut it out.

Make your template

Use a fairly rigid material. This can be anything from a cereal packet to an off-cut of your rafter wood.
Transfer the design onto the end of your rafters.
Cut out with a jig saw.

And there you have it. A fairly simple structure, with your own rafter tail end design, making your pergola look truly individual – and stunning too. I’m sure you will be very proud of your achievement!

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