Slate roofing material has a natural look and can be installed in a variety of patterns. In spite of being expensive, this roofing material is very popular because of its advantages.

Slate Roofing – Practical, Durable And Stylish

Slate roofing is most appreciated for its longevity, looks and low maintenance. Slate also has the advantage of being fire resistant. It is not susceptible to mold or insects. You can get slate in a variety of colors and sizes. Slate roofing material does tend to be heavy and care has to be taken that the structural support is strong enough to take it. Slate suits all kinds of climates because of its adaptability, being totally resistant to temperature and weather. In fact, durability is the hallmark of slate roofing material. High in the aesthetics department, the colors and shapes of slate can also be customized to look highly decorative.

The best thing about slate as a roof is that it is practical. It is resistant to reactions from acids, alkalis or chemicals. The color of this roof stays strong even when it is exposed to UV light. Being fire and water resistant, slate is also easy to maintain. Availability is not a problem either since there are quite a few slate roofing contractors who could help you find the right slate roofing company.

Slate can make your roof look very unique. However you need a slate roofing contractor who specializes in its installation. Someone who is inexperienced could easily cause breakages, unknowingly.

Slate Roofing Cost

The cost of slate roofing is calculated based on several criteria. These include roof pitch, the size of the slate and head lap. Depending on which size and type of slate is chosen, an economic choice can be made. Some slate roofing companies have a pre holding service by which wastage can be minimized. If roof pitch is shallow, the area of the roof is lesser. Though this need not mean lower roofing costs since low pitch needs large slates and laps. However, this can be adjusted to the minimum.

Expected to last not less than a century, roof slates are available in shades of dark grey, red and rustic gold. This very natural material may seem to have limited colors, but the number of variations in the shades and texture greatly multiplies the choice of color. Many roofing materials companies offer slate with low calcium carbonate. Custom shapes and sizes are possible for the roof installation. You can look at samples of all the slate shingles or tiles available.

There are slate roofs in Europe, which are more than 400 years old. Because of its lifespan, the high initial investment of a slate roof is considered more than worth the expense. Generally homeowners opt for slate roofs for their highly elegant looks, lifespan and quality. Slate is a natural stone and its color runs all the way through. From the point of view of the architect and designer, this attribute makes it a versatile material to work with as they can come up with several effects. Slate does not have to be treated as it is naturally durable. It does not warp on exposure to the weather and any breakages are easily repaired.

The best way to go about getting a slate roof is to begin with planning. A look at other constructions that have slate roofing helps. Careful thought must be given to whether you plan to replace or repair, if you happen to already have a slate roof. You may want to talk to more than one slate roof company to consider all your options. It helps to get a good grip on all the roofing designs available before you think of your slate roof design. With the different types, textures and thickness available, an evaluation of your existing home structure is a must. Roof installation begins only after most of the roof has been laid out.

Once the planning is done, ordering the roofing material comes next followed by roof layout and preparation. There are different procedures and techniques in slate roofing construction and installation, which should be taken care of by your slate roofing contractor.

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