Pergolas are structures that have traditionally been constructed of wood and in more recent years metal. Now, however, the newest styles of pergolas are made out of vinyl, one of the modern world’s wonder materials. Vinyl is impervious to weather conditions, insects, and rust, and it requires virtually no maintenance throughout its lifetime. As if these virtues weren’t enough to make you want to look at installing a vinyl pergola in your yard, you can also think about the fact that vinyl is a much less expensive option than either wood or metal. Vinyl pergolas are a new innovation that is definitely here to stay.

Not only are vinyl pergolas guaranteed not to yellow, chalk, or crack, but they’re guaranteed for life. That’s a pretty bold statement for manufacturers to make, and they don’t do it lightly. They know just how durable their products are. With a little hosing off occasionally, an older pergola is going to look as good as it did when it was brand new. That’s never going to happen with wood or metal. There’s going to be more upkeep with either of those materials, be it waterproofing, staining, or painting, so if you want a hassle-free pergola that’s going to give you many hours of pleasure without requiring a lot of work on your part, vinyl is the way to go.

Many styles of vinyl pergola kits are available in kit form and designed so that they can be easily assembled using only basic tools. This means that you can save a bundle of cash by not having to hire a carpenter to build your structure for you. These kits can be built over your existing deck or timber patios Perth or as free-standing structures. They come in numerous sizes and shapes so that they will work in almost any kind of situation you might have.

Some basic uses for vinyl pergolas include being built as a shelter for your deck, a structure by your pool, a free-standing building to house your hot tub, or as a protective roof sheltering a corner of your deck. By purchasing a canopy designed to exactly fit the dimensions of your pergola exactly, you can shade your arbor space as well as make it usable during rainy weather. The versatility of a vinyl pergola will add a great deal of interest to your yard at a relatively small cost and with little or no upkeep. By spending a fraction of what you would spend for a pergola built of wood or metal, you can make a huge fashion statement right in your own backyard.

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