The main reason people opt for a pop up gazebo is its versatile usage, strong and stable structure, and ease of setting up. The necessity of assembling the unit (as other type of gazebos present) simply does not exist here and with the great number of designs available this type of gazebo is ideal for such a variety of areas and activities, be it weddings, barbecues, shows, family parties and so on.

Despite that, unless one has had experience with a particular pop up gazebo model, there are some complications that may arise. A couple of factors influence the positioning and stability of the unit, and with safety always being the primary objective those should not be ignored. Here are the most important steps you may follow to guarantee a trouble-free use of your pop up gazebo:

Read the manual. As banal as it sounds, but many people think they don’t have to go through the manual as soon as they see a pop up gazebo, thinking it’s a no-brainer. Yet, with the huge number of varying constructions available today, even experienced users end up making basic mistakes just because they refused to read the valuable thin book.

Choose the right spot. It is something that applies to 99% of gazebo types, but most often overlooked. Unless the ground is flat, not too hard (so the pole legs may sink properly) and the place is not exposed to potential strong and sudden gusts of wind, you are risking in having your pop up gazebo collapse. It can happen even with the more massive ones and usually with those the consequences are much worse.

Unpacking and assembling. Now this depends on the type of pop up gazebo and with the term used so broadly you may come along gazebos that actually require you to connect the legs manually. Generally though, it only involves unpacking the thick top cover. Take care not to lose any parts that may have been put within and be extra cautious when you’re expanding the construction, especially in the initial moment as the gazebo may have been compressed too much. It’s not uncommon for the complex roof frame poles to catch the fingers of the careless.

Position – check and observe. This is the really easy part, but often neglected as well. Once you have it spread out and positioned, take a good look at the pop up gazebo from 4 sides. Make sure it looks even in all directions. Take notice of wind level and predictions, and react accordingly. Don’t hesitate to use the provided guy ropes if necessary, you are going to be thankful you did later.

That’s it, you did it! Enjoy the great experience and pleasure of having a pop up gazebo!

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