When we talk about mini storage buildings we can basically talk about three different things.

Number one is a small building for your backyard. Number two is a small storage unit you rent. And number three is the possibility of owning and operating a mini storage facility.

You probably already know why a mini storage building would be great for your yard. You have lots of stuff around that you want to keep safe and need easy access to. And you don’t have room in the house for it all. Plus, who wants to go into the house everytime they need another garden tool. And if you have small children, you certainly want to keep all those sharp or dangerous items locked up where the kids can’t get to them and hurt themselves. There are numerous other advantages to owning a storage building that are well documented elsewhere on this site so there’s no need to go into them all again here. Just know that your mini storage building doesn’t have to be an eyesore. There are some gorgeous building and kits out there that you can easily put up with the help of a friend in less than a day.

Your valuable items won’t be damaged by weather, rodents, or anything else. Mini storage buildings are a great investment, and you can get one in exactly the size you need.

But you probably already knew that. Here’s the problem. Some areas have restrictions that won’t allow you to have a storage building in your yard. But you still need a place to store things like seasonal items or items that you don’t use every day. That’s where renting a building, away from your location comes in handy. How great is that? You can store your holiday items (Christmas decorations etc.) and go get them when you need them. When the season ends, pack them up and take them back to the storage facility. No need to clutter up your house. And now you can put your car back in the garage. These buildings are so popular that it’s estimated that 1 out of every six families actually rents one.

Did you catch that? One out of every six families will lease a storage facility. Have you ever thought of owning such a facility? Storage units are quickly becoming recognized as one of the best real estate investments available. Oftentimes it takes less than 5 years for the facility to pay for itself. People own a lot of stuff that they just don’t want to get rid of. They need a good place to keep them safe so they look to mini storage building facilities. In other words, your market is waiting for you to put up a storage system. The need is there, the market is there, now all you have to do is find a way to meet the need. Yes there is some initial investment but again, it will pay for itself faster than many other business start-ups. Just something to think about if you’re looking for a good investment.

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