If you need storage space and like to do things yourself, then storage building kits are exactly what you are looking for.

They will keep all your items organized and safe. A storage building is perfect for your gardening supplies, lawn mowers, trimmers, pool supplies, and kids items like bikes and toys. They are great just for just about anything you don’t want to keep or don’t have room to keep in your house. Your yard will remain uncluttered and your garage will once again have room for the car.

Storage building kits are generally a single story structure made from wood, metal or vinyl. They can be put up by anyone with minimal to almost no construction skills. The parts are labeled and pre cut. About all you’ll need are a few hand tools, and a friend or family member to help out. Some can be done by one person, but two people makes the job a lot easier and also a lot more fun. It’s a weekend project but can be done in many cases in less than a day if you really get after it.

The kits come in just about any size you could possibly need, and should your needs change in a year or two, some of them can be upgraded and expanded.

At the risk of making this sound more complicated than it actually is, here’s what you’ll need to do. Step one will be pouring the foundation. This is only necessary if you need it. Some people don’t mind if their items sit on the ground and will simply erect the building without flooring. Floor joints will be installed then the wall panels will be put in. In some cases you’ll need to cut openings for windows and doors, but in many kits these are already set and cut. Put on the roof, add some insulation and siding, and your new storage building is complete.

Here are some things to consider before buying your kit. Obviously know how large the space is in your yard and how much space you’ll need. Again you’ll have no trouble finding the size you need, even if you need to store a boat or RV. Check with your local government to see if such a building is permitted on your yard. Determine what you want the building to be made from. Metal and vinyl are more durable. Wood is more subject to rot and needs more maintenance, but it will look a lot better when completed. Don’t overlook the size of the door. If you plan on storing large items you want to make sure the door is big enough for the items to fit through.

Storage building kits are a great way to store items safely and make them easily accessible. Just make sure you get exactly what you need. And don’t over do it with the space, especially if you will be heating and cooling the facility. The larger the building the more the utility costs will be.

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