A radiant barrier is a form of insulation that you can use for your roof to make it more effective at maintaining the temperature in your house. It blocks UV rays from entering the home, making it easier of you to keep your house cool during the summer. There are many different kinds of radiant barriers to choose from on the market, but they all serve the purpose of cooling down you house throughout the year. Some of them just do a better job at that than others.

The Foil Bubble radiant barriers that we offer here at Revere Renovations are incredibly effective at blocking sunlight from entering a home. We can reduce the temperatures in your home by 9 degrees during the summer, and that could make a huge difference on your energy bills. The bubble insulation is setup in waves, and each wave creates a pocket for sunlight to go into. The sunlight is then shot back into the air, which will reduce the heat that travels through your house during the day. You will see a big change in your comfort levels if you use a radiant barrier like this in your home.

You can create even more protection for your home if you have a radiant barrier installed behind one of our metal alloy roofs. Our roofing is made from recycled steel that is both durable and efficient at keeping sun beams out of a home. The roofing is made to look like traditional shingles, but it is much better at keeping a home cool in the summertime. If you live in the south, you know just how important that coolness can be.

Now that you know what a radiant barrier is, all you have to do is get one installed in your home. We offer DIY radiant barriers if you want to install something like this on your own, but we are more than willing to take over the installation as well. Whether you want to save money on energy bills or you just want to feel better during the summer months, a radiant barrier can prove beneficial for you. Check out your options today to see what something like this can do for you.

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