Mark One Machinery have been manufacturing quality Granulators Shredders Grinders for years. Thousands of customers use our Granulators Shredders Grinders and Plastic and used grinding machines and equipment worldwide. They can attest to our Granulators Shredders Grinders reliability and the quality of our service and products.

The developments behind Granulators Shredders Grinders are based on the latest machine concepts. These concepts can solve most problems with Granulators Shredders Grinders machinery. All of our machinery is superior and will last. If there is a problem, we repair any machine we sell, including all Granulators Shredders Grinders and other machinery.

The housing of Granulators Shredders Grinders, which is a welded steel construction, is suitable for universal applications. This is due to the removeable deflector wedge on our Granulators Shredders Grinders and is designed to meet demanding applications. Depending on the application, our Granulators Shredders Grinders can handle it. There is a range of rotor options on our Granulators Shredders Grinders from the open 3-blade, aggressive bite types, to the heavy duty, semi-closed, 9-blade types.

Gearless Printing Presses by Mark One Machinery

Gearless Printing Presses, combined with modern, high speed presses, create a system to maintain quality printing. Gearless Printing Presses produces over 5 million metres of flexographic prints a month. Our 8 colour Gearless Printing Presses have doubled the print capacity of what was previously available. This new Gearless Printing Presses allows us to bring quality images at 250 metres per minute speeds.

Gearless Printing Presses has been around for decades. What needs to be remembered is that Gearless Printing Presses have been possible only since the development of sectionalized drive philosophy. Gearless Printing Presses were developed, and printers have had to deal with mechanical drive components drawbacks.

By matching plate speed with web surface speed using a sector digital drive, we achieve quality with our Gearless Printing Presses. The Gearless Printing Presses technology consist of the direct motion transmission to the printing cylinder, anilox and central drum with motors independently adjusted with digital drives. Gearless Printing Presses and Used Printing Presses are powerful machines.

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