When it comes to finding a perfect alternative to smoking, the role of electronic cigarettes deserves a special mention. The popularity of this smoking device has gained prominence ever since World Health Organization or WHO has recognised its immense benefits. Their greatest contribution has been its non-harmful nature that has equally benefitted both the passive and active smokers. The availability of electronic cigarette starter kits with many online stores has only added to delight of smokers worldwide.

Now, experiencing harmless smoking has become a reality because of its affordability and easy availability. The online stores in question, usually offers them at reasonable prices and come out with many convenient and interesting offers from time to time. Two popular brands that are currently available online are Luci and Green Smoke. The contribution of these two brands in saving the earth from harmful consequences of tobacco cigarettes is a well-known fact. To make these cigarettes even more popular, these online stores have introduced different loyalty program enrollment plan.

The chief contents of an electronic cigarette starter kit are items such as a mini-USB charger, Lithium Ion Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Batter, 5 electronic cigarette cartomizers that are equivalent to two tobacco cartomizers and around 100 cigarettes. Coming to flavours of these cartomizers, they are found in flavours such as Menthol, Vanilla, Peach, Tobacco, Cherry, Cappuccino and Apple.

The manufacturers of the vape kits Australia understand the difficulties faced by the beginners. Therefore, they offer mixed cartridge packs. This allows a beginner in trying out more than 1 flavour and finally makes the final choice at the time of re-ordering. In order to run the said kit, you will need to fix the battery into its mini-USB charger. Subsequently you will need to connect it to the PC. It takes almost 2-2 ½ hours to charge. Once done, you are all set and ready to indulge with your dose of smoking.

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