Improve Childrens Safety With A Swimming Pool Fence

Each year, according to statistics, 65 percent of child drownings happen at their home swimming pool, 22 percent at a relatives pool and 11 percent at a neighbors pool. In the United States, pool drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death that happens in or near the home, for kids aged 5 years and below.

In the states of Arizona, California and Florida, it is the number one cause of death children in this age group. Moreover, near drownings happen more frequently, eleven incidences for every one drowning. Many near drowning cases have caused debilitating brain damage.

The lack of adult supervision accounts for most of these accidents together with the absence of proper swimming pool barriers such as a swimming pool fence. While many cities have put in place residential pool safety regulations, it is still up to the homeowners to follow them.

Aside from compliance to these regulations, parents or any swimming pool owner who has kids at home should apply precautions including controlling childrens access to the pool by installing a swimming pool fence. Also, young children should always be supervised whenever they are swimming or playing near the pool.

Even with adult or parental supervision, children often find a way to wander into places on their own. This is why experts highly advise that residential pool owners must make their pools child proof. Erecting a glass pool fence Brisbane is one effective layer of protection for children who happen to stray into the pool area.

Without a barrier to the pool, a child can easily fall in and drown, which is exactly what happens in an alarming number every year. Other ways to prevent these tragic accidents are installing door alarms, swimming pool alarms and a pool safety cover.

When installing fencing High Wycombe, make sure you choose the right one. An effective barrier should prevent children from entering the pool area 100 percent, which means the child should not be able to get over the fence, crawl under it or squirm their way through it. The only way they can access the pool is when they are with an adult.

As with any accident, most people simply think it will never happen to them until tragedy strikes. Parents may think that close supervision is enough to protect their kids but government statistics tell otherwise.

Reports show that in 69 percent of children drownings, one or both of the childs parents were in charge of supervising the child at the time the accident happened. Other adults (relatives or friends) were responsible for guarding the child in 10 percent of the drownings. Baby sitters accounted for 14 percent and siblings at 7 percent. These statistics point out that adult supervision is not enough to keep your children from harm. Having a proper swimming pool fence installed completely around the pool gives a vital layer of protection to children.

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