Prospect Waterproofing Company has an extensive Service Department designed to provide a fast and efficient response to all types of leak repairs and tenant fit-outs. Prospect’s experienced crews specialize in testing, diagnosing, and correcting water infiltration problems. As approved applicators of most roofing and waterproofing systems, our repairs will maintain the manufacturer’s running warranty.

Prospect also offers a preventative maintenance program. A trained specialist will visit your facility on a periodic basis, assess the waterproofing assembly, report to you it’s condition, and if necessary make the required repairs. Such information can bring peace of mind and assist in capital improvements budgeting.

“Rarely do I write a letter of appreciation. However, I have never before worked with a contractor who showed such enthusiasm and urgency to perform.”
Heidi Ness of Boston Properties

“I had numerous leaks from the old roof on this building and I would like to commend the outstanding workmanship done for me by your men. Due to their fine work and professionalism, I will recommend Prospect…for all my jobs in the future.”
Maurice “Fritz” Hoppert of Tishman Construction Corporation

“The project has required a lot of last minute changes and coordination to meet the customer’s expectations and you and your company have performed outstandingly. As we both know, sometimes the small projects are just as difficult as the big ones, but to the customers they are all equally important.”