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Styles, Features & Use Of The Designer Shingle Is a home simply a roof over your head? Or is it more of a statement about you, your life and your style? No matter how you see it, the designer or luxury shingles offer you some extraordinary qualities. As one of the heaviest types of shingles ever made, the designer shingle is ideal for homes of a variety of styles, especially those featuring steeply pitched rooflines. Mo Read more..>>

Modified Roofing Info Center

Design & Use Of Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems Modified bitumen roof products can be used in various system configurations, depending upon the roof requirements. For small projects such as decks, additions and porches, two-ply systems comprised of a base and cap sheet may be appropriate (in conjunction with flashing membrane as specified by the manufacturer). For larger residential roofs and commercial applications, thre Read more..>>

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