Manufacturing & Distribution Painting

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Precise painting for the industrial market
Warehouse painting is a massive undertaking. To get it right the first time, you need a team of professional industrial painters that will accommodate your business needs, your schedule, and your budget.

At Raider Painting, we have years of experience with industrial projects, both inside and out. Our professional painters and decorators deliver superior results in a timely manner, without cutting corners.

What we do for you?
Our manufacturing and distribution services are designed to help factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and other similar facilities overcome the unique challenges posed by a large-scale business environment. Many industrial painting projects can easily measure 1,000,000 square feet or more. Our meticulous and thorough approach ensures that no detail is overlooked.

We’ll design our schedule around your day-to-day operations and shutdown times. To ensure a smooth, efficient project that doesn’t interrupt your flow of business, we’ll work nights, weekends, or holidays—and for tight deadlines, we can supply rotating crews for 24/7 labor until the project is complete.

Below are just some of the cheap painting services we offer for manufacturing and distribution structures:
Interior and exterior painting
Steel structural painting
Heavy machinery painting
Waterproofing and fire-protective coatings (Intumescent)
Deck and floor coatings
Floor safety and traffic markings

See our work in action.

As one of the largest chain department stores in the country, Target requires excessive warehousing space. Raider Painting applied steel structural coatings to the interior of the Target Distribution Center in California—a space with more than one million square feet. We successfully completed the project on deadline, met Target’s budget, and exceeded their expectations.

At Raider Painting, our primary concern is customer satisfaction. We’re not happy unless you’re completely delighted with the end result of your project. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure seamless completion with the highest quality standards. Learn more about how we work on our How We Work page.
Warehouse painting and so much more.

Our hands-on experience and high quality standards will ensure that your industrial painting project is a success. We don’t just take jobs—we build working relationships that last for decades. Request an estimate and discover how our expertise can enhance your manufacturing and distribution center.

How to Make Your Painting Business into Your Dream Business!

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I realize there are many very good contractors who teach the basics of contracting.  Many are my personal friends.

But let me share the things that set “How to make your painting business into your dream business!” apart in my mind.

1.  How to make your phone ring with people calling for estimates for painting work!

Anyone who needs to target an audience, generate leads and interest, make sales and get repeat business will benefit.

2.  “How to make your painting art business into your dream business”!

In the marketing chapter, you will discover methods that take very little or no cash to start.  A lot of people teach methods that do work. But they take a lot of money for advertising and marketing.  Where does that get you if you can’t afford the methods?  I’m going to tap you into my best resources to save you all the money possible.

3.  “How to make your painting business into your dream business!”

It is NOT just about how to sell paint jobs.  It IS how to sell ANY service. So many things written on paint contracting are ONLY to sell at the “going rate”. I don’t care if you sell igloos to Eskimos, you can use How to make your painting business into your dream business!  to do it better.

4.  How to make your painting business into your dream business!

Will END YOUR CONFUSION over what does and doesn’t work. I know a lot of people get frustrated with seemingly conflicting advice. But when you understand this formula, you will see how it all fits together.  Why?  Because it’s all about targeting your market, finding out what they want to buy and then promoting your products and services.  So many products on marketing and sales leave you all confused about what does and doesn’t work. And literally overwhelmed with a thousand things to do.

5. How to make your painting business into your dream business!

You don’t have to be a marketing guru to do it.

If you can target a group of people with common wants and needs, find out what they want to buy and allow them to buy it from you using our measure call method, you can make the formula work.

6. How to make your painting business into your dream business works for non-marketers.

In several of the chapters, I give you a farming analogy and explain how you can succeed by dumb luck if you just keep trying.  Pay attention to this.  While you want to become an expert on marketing, you don’t have to be an expert to start using the formula.

7.  How to make your interior house painters business into your dream business is the ONLY technology based on my unique combination of sales, customer service, marketing, and psychology.

You will find psychological insights into the human brain and how people think if you read the product THREE TIMES.  These insights are not obvious to the casual reader.

You will discover that . How to make your painting business into your dream business contains a unique blend of technology and insight not available anywhere else.

8. . How to make your painting business into your dream business is practical and not theoretical.

So many people who teach marketing have never had a sales job in their life.  Ask them!  I have.  I’ve been in the sales trenches. I didn’t just write an ebook one day and pronounce myself an expert. I didn’t just all of a sudden show up and start speaking at seminars.  I’ve spent a lifetime studying and perfecting this formula.

9 Tips To Selecting A Good Sydney Painter

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Undertaking Local House Painter Sydney the Art onto the Canvas and Tracing – You can buy an affordable projection tracer at most craft or hobby stores. I use the Artograph Tracer JR. Opaque Art Projector that cost me around $30 (on sale). Use a thick pencil or charcoal pencil to trace the outline of the art onto the canvas surface.

After washing, you will need to check the exterior, especially under the roof space for wasp nests. You are going to be working on a ladder to complete your exterior painting and a risk that is possible could be caused by these buggers. The wasps can sting while on a ladder this could be a life threatening event and fairly viciously.

Get a Little Picture of the Artwork – The size of the graphic will be dependent on the size your tracing projector can handle. My projector can handle a 3.5 inch x 3.5 inch piece of artwork.

Go online or hunt for the professional house painter Sydney through other means, you’ll find various house painting service companies that render the services of the accredited and professional painters. The companies offer painters Auckland for both the residential and commercial properties. Painting is done to preserve and maintain the insides and improve the appearance. Services of authorized professional ensure your job will complete professionally, on time and within budget.

You can get a substantially better quality house painting job with these kinds of tools too as you’ll save a lot of time and work in the procedure. Simply bear in mind painter and decorator Sydney are enough for them, they will be a lot better than good for you. good staking their support on these tools and if they’re

The heat reflective paints are amazing find where sun exposure is quite a lot if you are living in some area. It is estimated that you can almost save 40 percent of energy price by using the heat reflective tiles and isolation alone, not bad idea to try especially nowadays considering the rise in energy costs.