DIY Roofing Felt Repairs

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There are a number of different problems that can arise with your roofing felt. This could be to do with the flashing, dampness or perhaps there are cracks and tears in the felt. A simple roof inspection should allow you to check whether any repairs need doing. If so then here is a quick guide to doing those repairs yourself.

Repair Kits

Roofing felt repairs are now easier than ever thanks to the fact that most DIY stores will stock repair kits. These will usually contain adhesive and tape that can help to repair small areas of the roofing felt (including tears, bubbles and so on). If you get one of these kits then simply follow the instructions provided.

You should also bear in mind that any repair of roofing felt will require thorough cleaning of the area. You should kill any mould growth as well as removing any chippings. Adhesives will work better if the area is cleaned and also given time to dry. For this reason roof leak repair Perth are often best made in periods of dry weather to ensure there is no moisture in the roof felt.

Applying Treatment to the Whole Roof

Repair kits are great for localised repairs. However, you may find that there are a number of repairs to be done, and that the best way to go about doing this is to treat a whole area of your roof. This will also help to increase the overall life of your roof.

There are many materials recommended for treating the whole roof, including bitumen based adhesives that will usually last a good three to five years. You could also opt for acrylic based products that can live a little longer than bitumen, or mastic based to give added strength to the area. If you want to look into other methods then it is a good idea to contact a roofing contractor.

When you are treating the roof in this way then you’ll need to brush of any loose material and debris to prepare the area. If there is any moisture in the roof then you should leave it to dry thoroughly. Once you start to work, plan your areas carefully to ensure you have access to each part of the roof.

Whatever method you choose there should be instructions provided with the product you buy.


Treating the whole roof is a bigger job than repairing localised damage. Whilst it is possible to do it yourself using a number of readily-available products, it may be easier for you to hire a roofing contractor for the job. This is especially recommended for those roofs that are hard to access. If you need to find a roofing contractor then do a quick internet search or take a look in your Yellow Pages. They should then be able to provide you with advice and a quote for the work.

Commercial Roof Refurbishments Oxford

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As you well know, the roof over your head offers valuable protection not only from the tiresome rain and wind that has become the common trademark of British weather, but also from the fleeting and blistering heat. Nowadays however, commercial premises have begun to realise that roofs not only protect against the harsh and ever changing climate, they also insulate the building itself ensuring an energy efficient edifice. Yet, if your roof is damaged then it may not be as energy efficient as you think. As professional roofers ourselves, the friendly team here at Woodstock Roofing Ltd are able to perform roof refurbishments Oxford to an extremely high standard of quality, making your building energy efficient in the process.

At Woodstock Roofing Ltd we have established an enviable reputation amongst our competitors. We firmly believe that this is down to our tireless dedication to performing an outstanding level of craftsmanship to all projects, and our rapport with our valued customers. When you seek the professional services of a roofer frederick md, make sure that Woodstock Roofing Ltd is at the top of your contact list.

Our experience in the industry is highly evident, however, if you are still uncertain that we are up to task of refurbishing he roof of your commercial property Oxford, then our association with TrustMark and the National Federation of Roofing Contractors should put you at ease.

Our association with such schemes ensures that we adhere to a strict code of practice, which assures high standard of craftsmanship and customer care. If this doesn’t fill you with confidence, then the fact that our roofers and workmanship is regularly vetted to ensure we adhere to government endorsed standards should.

If you would like further information on the various roofing services we perform, including our roof refurbishments Oxford then we are the company to get in touch with. We continuously strive for customer satisfaction, which is achieved through a superior level of workmanship by one of our polite and professional roofers.

Clay Roofing Tiles

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There are a number of different roofing materials available, and if you are looking to install some materials you have a whole range to choose from. Roofs are an extremely important part of your home, as it protects the building from all kinds of weather and heat from the sun. Clay roofing tiles are an extremely popular roofing material, with the ability to protect your home for decades.

Why Choose Clay Tiles?

When you are choosing the material you wish to use on your roof you should consider a number of factors. This may include cost, colour, shape, durability and installation. Clay tiles are popular due to the fact that they last for a number of years and are relatively easy to maintain. This helps to make them a lot more valuable over time. There are different types of clay tile available, and the specific type used will have an impact on the ultimate lifespan.

When it comes to roofing colour can be a hugely important element. If you want a tile to match the current style of the building then clay provides a wide range of permanent colourings to choose from. This colour comes from the natural origins of the tile, though they generally range in colour from orange to red and brown, or plum and blue tones – meaning that a clay tile is suitable for just about any kind of building.

Clay tiles are extremely durable, and as such you do not need to worry about losing their colour over time. Where some other materials will lose their colour over time due to weather and other factors, the colour of the clay tile should remain vibrant throughout its lifetime.

Clay tiles are also popular with refurbishing old buildings, where maintaining a specific style is crucial. For building new and old, they will help to bring character to the outside appearance of the building, and you can choose from a wide variety of textures as well as colours.

Installing Clay Tiles

It is possible to install clay roofing tiles yourself, however it is often best to hire a trained professional. Most roofing contractors will be familiar with clay tiles and will be able to assist you on the right style to choose. Simply let them know about your building and the look you wish to create and they will point you in the direction of the correct kind of clay tile.

Clay roofing tiles are just as suitable for new buildings as they are for refurbished buildings, and their natural product will make it last for years to come. Since these tiles are high quality, it also pays to get a high quality installation which can increase its lifespan even further.

To find a contractor who can install your clay roofing tiles simply do an online search or check in the Yellow Pages. It’s also a good idea to research yourself the different types that are available, as it will ultimately be your decision as to what kind of tile to choose.

Choosing Roofing Materials

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Whether you are installing your own roof or looking for professional help, it is a good idea to have a firm understanding of the roofing materials available. After all, your roof is one of the most important areas of the home. If you don’t choose the best materials then you could run the risk of damage to your building.

If you are hiring a contractor for the job then you will not have to worry too much about purchasing the roofing materials, but you will need to choose what you want them to use. The material you use will ultimately depend on the look you want, your circumstances and your budget.

Different Options Available

Roof materials vary widely. Some of the most common choices include tile roofs, shingles and metal. However, this varies a lot according to preference. The style of your home will probably dictate to a certain extent the style that you choose for your roof.

Roof Tiles

Tiles for a roof are an extremely traditional choice. They have been used for many years and are usually very good and withstanding bad weather, which may even include fire. Their life expectancy is usually around 50 years, making this a rather safe choice.

However, there may be problems with roof tiles if your house cannot support them, as they are extremely heavy. Making sure that your tiles are secure means using metal brackets or nails which can work out a costly option. However, this initial cost may well be worth it for you if you bear in mind the 50 year durability as well as the fact that you can choose a colour to suit your existing home.


Most roofs will be suitable for metal, and there are a number of different colours available. They can usually be fitted in sheets and as such as quicker to install than tiles. However, the cost will usually work out around the same, though heating and cooling costs will be reduced in your home – this is an environmentally friendly option.


This is also an environmentally friendly choice and can provide a nice traditional look for your home. However, you must make sure the work is to the highest standard in order to benefit most from this type of roofing material. The life expectancy is also slightly lower than a tile roof, at around 30 years.


These are the main types of roofing materials available today. As you can see, each of them has their benefits whether this is about cost or an environmentally friendly option. You need to think about the look you want to go for, as well as how much the work is going to cost you. Simply call up a few roofing contractors and compare their individual quotes. They will also be able to advise you on what materials could be best for your area, and you can do your own research to determine whether they provide a reputable service.

Cheap double glazing helps couple reach final in greenest family competition

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Cheap double glazing helps couple reach final in greenest family competition

A couple has reached the final of a competition to find Britain’s greenest family thanks to having installed features such as cheap double glazing and insulation in their home.

Cheap double glazing and a myriad of other energy-saving features and technologies have helped a couple to reach the final of a UK-wide competition to find Britain’s greenest family.

Tillie and John Baird are one of two Lothian families who have made it down to the final five of the contest for the Future Friendly Awards’ family title.

The couple have spent over £40,000 since 2006 to make their North Berwick home more environmentally friendly, the Edinburgh Evening News reports.

Adding a sun room, which absorbs heat during the day, to the front of their three-bedroom property was the first step that the couple took when greening their home.

Next came cheap double glazing, cavity wall, loft and under-floor insulation, and also a new central heating system with an efficient condensing new boiler Southampton fitted.

“I have got to do everything I can to help the environment before I fall off my twig and encourage other people to do things too,” said Mrs Baird.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Shipley Parish Council had re-opened its refurbished and more energy-efficient parish room.

Cheap double glazing was installed in the hall, as was insulation, thanks to a grant from energy company E.ON’s Sustainable Energy Fund.

All Weather Roofing Contractors Bicester

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Next to the doors and windows, the other area of our property which we expect to keep us protected from the elements, is the roof. It’s also an area of a property which receives very little attention from us, until the inevitable happens and a leak forms or tiles slip down during strong, wintery winds. When this occurs, the costs can not only be financially hefty, but in terms of damage they can also be substantial. A faulty roof can be a cause of structural damage, but before things get that far though, here at Woodstock Roofing we can provide a roofing contractor Bicester to carry out any required repair work.

Various properties will have different styles of roofs, from flat and pitched roofing through to tiled designs; and the material used for the roof will also vary from slate, tiles, felt and much more. Here at Woodstock Roofing, as registered members of the national federation of roofing contractors along with holders of the Trustmark, our contractors are able to install and repair all types of roofing.

If your property has a flat roof it is likely that the material protecting you from the elements will be felt. Unfortunately, after a long time this becomes prone to leaking, and if not maintained regularly can cause severe damage to the rest of your property.

However, here at Woodstock Roofing we can ensure your flat roof offers you the required protection by removing the old felt and replacing it with either a liquid applied membrane or an EPDM rubber membrane. Both of these are highly durable and offer the ultimate in waterproofing protection, making them ideal for all weather conditions.

Come rain, sleet, snow or sun we will be able to provide you with a roofing contractor who will be able to offer their expert advice and industry know-how, to ensure that you receive the best roofing material for your property. So if you’ve experienced a leak detection Perth through the roof recently, why not give us a call?

Increase House Value by Loft Conversions Solihull

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Loft conversions are an innovative way for homeowners to create additional space within their home, but what many homeowners fail to realise is that loft conversions Solihull can also increase the value of their home. So, if you’re a homeowner who is a keen home improver rather than a home mover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you could potentially raise the value of your family abode, increase the internal living space and have a new room to enjoy by simply calling us here at Yelo Developments.

Forget about a basement conversion or a new conservatory; if you want more internal space which will boost the value of your home, then a loft conversion is the answer. According to the latest statistics released by Halifax this year, a loft conversion could increase the value of a property by an average of £20,876 – something that you could take advantage of with the help of Yelo Developments.

Whilst a loft conversion is a financially viable alternative to moving at the moment, it’s important that homeowners source a reliable builder who will perform the project to a high level of quality throughout. One place where you are guaranteed to find a trustworthy, highly skilled jack-of-all-trades is here at Yelo Developments Ltd.

All of our highly accomplished builders are technically and physically able to start and finish your project to schedule, within budget and to a high level of quality. To give our customers much needed peace of mind, all workmanship and materials used within construction are backed by a ten year guarantee, with an additional insurance backed guarantee available on request.

Our proficient builders will ensure that your project runs smoothly, with minimum disruption caused to your way of living whilst work is underway. If you currently store belongings in your attic space, then many of our previous customers choose to place their belongings in domestic storage during building work, so that the rest of their home remains unaffected by the building work taking place. For more information regarding loft conversions Solihull, be sure to call us directly on 0121 352 1680.

Create Extra Space with Loft Conversions Birmingham

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Many lofts across the area and the rest of Britain are only used as a place to ‘shove’ the possessions we don’t really need but feel we might further need in the future. This isn’t fully realising the opportunities your loft could provide and is actually wasting space in your own home, as with the high quality loft conversions Birmingham we provide here at Yelo Developments, your home can be significantly enhanced as we unlock the space that lays dormant right above your head.

Your loft shouldn’t just be another area for storage Leicester, as its size will most likely afford it the potential to become a whole new room in your house, to be used however you wish. Why look to move into a larger home when you can convert yours into a larger area for a fraction of the price?

Our skilled team offer premium design led loft conversions that are able to tailor the space into providing the best for your desired use. Utilising high-quality materials and traditional craftsmanship to convert your loft from a dark, forgotten area of the home into a bright and welcoming room that is perfect for a home office, luxury bedroom complete with skylights, or anything else you may wish to use it for.

Moving into a larger house can create much unneeded stress and hassle, although with our loft conversions Birmingham service here at Yelo Developments, we make it our aim to take all possible stress out of the project and have you enjoying the new part of your home as soon as possible. If planning permission is in fact required by your council, we will take care of it for you and meticulously plan to ensure that from commencement to completion, the conversion takes as little time as possible. To find out more and for a free, personal quotation call us on 0121 352 1680.

Find Professional Builders in Solihull

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If you’re planning on carrying out some renovations, home improvements or construction work then you’ll need to contract reliable builders Solihull who have the experience and the tenacious attitude to see the project through to completion. At Yelo Development Ltd, we take pride in the high standard of workmanship that every project is completed to – which is just one reason why we think you should get in touch with us if you need a professional builder.

Construction projects, regardless of whether they are on a large or small scale, should be done to a high standard, so whether you require an extension on your commercial property Leicester or you want to improve your home, we at Yelo Development Ltd are here to help. As professional builders, we have accumulated years of experience within the industry, which allows us to undertake an assortment of projects and complete them to a high standard.

One reason why we are so confident in our ability to complete projects to high standard and to schedule is through project managing the entire development through to completion. This ensures that the entire venture runs smoothly, and if any problems do arise, we have the experience to be able to resolve it quickly and efficiently. Therefore, if you have decided to invest your hard earned money and improve your home, you should definitely get in touch with us Yelo Development Ltd.

We appreciate that deciding to go ahead with a project is a big decision, which is why we aim to support you and give you all the details beforehand so that you are aware of the costs involved, and the time it should take to complete the project. If you require expert builders Solihull, call us today on 0121 352 1680 for a friendly and informative chat.

Garage Conversions Birmingham Solihull & Sutton Coldfield

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If you need more space in your Brimingham home or just an extra room but can’t handle the hassle and expense that comes with moving home then Yelo Development’s Ltd will be able to give you that perfect solution in a Loft or Garage conversion which is carried out with expertise speed and the attention to detail, and building maintenance that would be expected in our own homes. We also cover area’s such as: Coventry, Great Barr, Lichfield, Tamworth, Walsall, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton.

Garage conversions are a great simple solution to create more space in your home. You can transform your cluttered unused garage into an office, a play room, another bedroom, or anything else you like. Its a simple process which could give your Birmingham home a brand new feel.

When you choose to have a garage conversion with Yelo Development’s builders, you will receive all the help and reassurance of a Birmingham company which has been established for 25 years. Leaving you relaxed knowing that the job will be completed with quality.

Create extra space in your home

People choose to have a loft conversion or garage conversions for several different reasons – extra space without the hassle of moving home, possible house extensions, to design a new build, or just to make space for an office, an extra bedroom, or just a room to relax, whatever your situation, Yelo Development’s in Sutton Coldfield are here to help your plans start moving.

Garage conversions and loft conversions can create extra space, to work, play or even relax. Yelo Development’s specialise in high quality loft conversions that can increase the value of your home in Sutton Coldfield or Solihull and the surrounding areas. We can create a space in your home which will not only improve the quality of your home life, but expand your home.

Your local builder will make sure your loft conversion can be completed in the smallest amount of time with the highest building maintenance. Planning permission is rarely required in Solihull and if it is, Yelo Development’s can supply this for you. Our company offers a premium design led loft conversions that are designed using quality materials and traditional craftsman skills.

Yelo Development’s Ltd are a skillful and energetic building company capable of providing well run, well managed problem free projects. Specialising mainly in domestic properties we are confident to take on any project of any size in all types of homes, with the aim of completing every one to the highest of standards.