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Improve Childrens Safety With A Swimming Pool Fence

Each year, according to statistics, 65 percent of child drownings happen at their home swimming pool, 22 percent at a relatives pool and 11 percent at a neighbors pool. In the United States, pool drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death that happens in or near the home, for kids aged 5 years and below.

In the states of Arizona, California and Florida, it is the number one cause of death children in this age group. Moreover, near drownings happen more frequently, eleven incidences for every one drowning. Many near drowning cases have caused debilitating brain damage.

The lack of adult supervision accounts for most of these accidents together with the absence of proper swimming pool barriers such as a swimming pool fence. While many cities have put in place residential pool safety regulations, it is still up to the homeowners to follow them.

Aside from compliance to these regulations, parents or any swimming pool owner who has kids at home should apply precautions including controlling childrens access to the pool by installing a swimming pool fence. Also, young children should always be supervised whenever they are swimming or playing near the pool.

Even with adult or parental supervision, children often find a way to wander into places on their own. This is why experts highly advise that residential pool owners must make their pools child proof. Erecting a glass pool fence Brisbane is one effective layer of protection for children who happen to stray into the pool area.

Without a barrier to the pool, a child can easily fall in and drown, which is exactly what happens in an alarming number every year. Other ways to prevent these tragic accidents are installing door alarms, swimming pool alarms and a pool safety cover.

When installing fencing High Wycombe, make sure you choose the right one. An effective barrier should prevent children from entering the pool area 100 percent, which means the child should not be able to get over the fence, crawl under it or squirm their way through it. The only way they can access the pool is when they are with an adult.

As with any accident, most people simply think it will never happen to them until tragedy strikes. Parents may think that close supervision is enough to protect their kids but government statistics tell otherwise.

Reports show that in 69 percent of children drownings, one or both of the childs parents were in charge of supervising the child at the time the accident happened. Other adults (relatives or friends) were responsible for guarding the child in 10 percent of the drownings. Baby sitters accounted for 14 percent and siblings at 7 percent. These statistics point out that adult supervision is not enough to keep your children from harm. Having a proper swimming pool fence installed completely around the pool gives a vital layer of protection to children.

Swimming pool tips: Top 10 Ways For a Clean Sparkling Pool

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Keeping your swimming pool in tip top condition doesn’t have to be a very time consuming chore so long as you follow these top ten tips. All pools are different; not only in design and installation but also based on where you live; ice will not be your problem in Florida, neither will getting a croc out of your swimming pool in Vermont be a headache.

Removing debris and cleaning baskets

This is a particularly important routine to be carried out at least once a week. This will keep the filtration system running effectively. Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that no one wants to swim in a pool cluttered with debris… do you?

Vacuum pool walls and tiles

Why not combine a dip in the pool with a good scrub? Sand and grit will usually fall into the pool and the effect of sunlight cause algae to build up. For this job, you will need a pool vacuum cleaner, a pair of goggles or a snorkel and perhaps a pair of flippers; you can cruise round the pool vacuuming as you like.

Cleaning the filters

Filters typically contain sand and overtime, dirt builds up and needs removal. The filters can be cleaned by reversing the pumping mechanism and the dirt is blasted out.

Professional heater servicing

This is one job you should really get a professional in to do; ideally, book the maintenance at the beginning of the season when you plan to open the pool.

Maintain the water level

Pools are designed to be fun and splashing is one of the best ways of enjoying yourself, even without splashing there will be evaporation and loss of water. It is important to keep the water level up because if the water level is lower than the skimmer entrance, the filtration system will break down.

pH balance

pH is measured on a scale of 0 to 14, the ideal level should be between 7.2 to 7.8; it is the ideal level to be safe for swimmers and to keep the pool clean. Use a testing kit to check the pH balance then add or remove pH accordingly.

Super chlorination

Use this technique to rebalance the chlorine levels and remove the tell tale chlorine smell.

Pool repairs Perth leaks

Use a simple bucket, fill a bucket ¾ full of water and mark the level of the water inside, leave the bucket for 2 to 3 days and check the water level. If it is the same as the pool, the leakage is evaporation; if the bucket level is higher, you are actually dealing with a leak.

Winter protect your pool

Many people have pool covers in order to prevent snow and ice building up in the pool.

Leave it to the bots

If you are as lazy or as busy as me, you should certainly get an automatic pool cleaner for your swimming pool which can be tuned to clean your pool at the desired timings.

Fiberglass, Concrete and Vinyl Are Different Types of Swimming Pool Liners

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Swimming pool liners are a functional part of the pool and also help to add character as well as style to swimming pools, and are available in many attractive patterns and styles to, in many instances, set the décor for the whole of the swimming pool area. Basically, the swimming pool liner is used to hold water and one can choose from simple blues to exotic tile motifs as well as liners that also have fish and coral that totally resemble tropical reefs.

It is usual to get the pool package with an overlap style swimming pool liner which wraps over the top of the pool wall as well as clings to the outside of the pool. To keep the liner in place, a top rail may be used and there are also beaded liners to choose from, which snap into a thin receiving strip just below the top rail to the inside of the pool thus doing away with overlap.

Upgrades Available

If one wishes to use beaded swimming pool liners, one may need to upgrade, which ends up costing more, and they are of heavier gauge being 25 gauge vinyls instead of the usual 20 gauge overlap liners. It is necessary to choose the type of material that is to be used for the liner and vinyl is the most common, being quite attractive as well.

They are ideal for winters and should be a first choice for the swimming pool if one lives where the weather tends to be cold.

One may also choose to have either fiberglass pools or concrete swimming pool liners with the former being made of fiberglass reinforced plastic to make it look like a large bathtub, and it does not need replacing as is the case with vinyl liners. This type of liner will help save money as well as time.

Concrete swimming pool liners are very suitable as well, and if this is the choice for liner, one can have the pool custom poured to get the design one desires. They are similar to fiberglass liners in that they are long lasting and do not need replacing. No doubt, if one opts for a vinyl lined swimming pool liner, one will effect savings in cost, but this may be offset by having to replace it every ten years or so. Concrete, too is popular amongst swimming pool owners as they offer plenty of room and do not require replacing.