Roofing Installation

Replacing Your Roof

It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your yard, whether you are performing the roof replacement or hiring a professional roofer to do it for you. Therefore, your first task should be to prepare a site for where the roof you will be replacing will be put.

Removal of Old Roof

When your new roof installation begins, RT Roofing installers will be tearing off:

• Your old roofing material
• The roof’s building paper
• And in some cases, the old sub-roof

These will be tossed into a dump truck which is the most common vehicle used to escort old roofing materials off your property. Roofing nails that keep many roofing materials in place will be ripped out with the old roofing materials and discarded.

It is relatively impossible for our roofers to keep track of every roofing nail so you should be aware that stray roofing nails will most likely end up in your yard around where the dump truck was parked.

You can lay down a tarp around the areas that are likely to catch some of these nails even though most of the nails will remain stuck in the shingles on the way to the dump truck.

However, you should be prepared for all possibilities.

New Roofing Materials

Once your old roofing system has been removed and the sub-roof reinforced and secured, several loads of roofing material will be placed on your roof. This is done with a crane or by hand carrying the bundles up a ladder. New Roofing System Once your roof is finished, kick up your heels and prepare for is the energy savings curb appeal that you will receive.