Safety at Prospect Waterproofing Company is of paramount concern, whether it is the safety of our work force, our client, or the general public. Every project is carefully scrutinized to assure the proper safety procedures are in place for everyone’s protection. At Prospect, safety involves every individual at every level, from the company president to the most recently hired laborer. Management provides the policy and direction to create a safe work environment. Supervisors insure safety procedures are implemented, incentives are provided, and rules are followed. The field force works intelligently, accurately, and in compliance with those safety procedures. Training of employees in the proper and safe methods of product installation begins at hiring. New hire safety training begins before the individual steps foot on any project.

Continuing education and training through weekly safety “Tool Box” talks, special technique training, fall protection, first aid/CPR, and annual seminars are a part of Prospect’s commitment to safety. Prospect is also committed to providing our workers with a drug-free work environment. Prospect’s Substance Abuse Program incorporates pre-hire, project specific, post-accident, and random tests. This program provides an additional measure of security to our clients.

When you have Prospect as a partner, you can be assured that every consideration is given to the safety and protection of our personnel, our client, and the general public.