Max® Slate

Cast with the detail edges of natural slate and with 6 unique profiles the natural colors are made possible through the use of virgin resins with our...

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Max® Shake

The wood grain texture and the 5/8” butt of this finely crafted 19.5” X 18” profile makes it difficult to determine this roof tile from its...

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Max® Snow Guards Max Snow Guards are available in two unique styles that were designed to prevent snow and ice injuries to...

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Top Slate

Top Slate provides a solution to roofing problems caused by poor ventilation on slate roofs. This product is offered in 20 oz copper or in various...

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Sky Lights

Skylights – you choose your style! Available with 7 built-in flashing or 4 curb-mounted designs at virtually any size, these leak-proof skylights...

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Copper Gutter

Copper Gutter Systems made in Germany. This complete ½ round product line of 20 oz seamless copper gutters and downspouts offer...

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