Max® Snow Guards

Max Snow Guards are available in two unique styles that were designed to prevent snow and ice injuries to pedestrians, damage to gutters and property, and to save money on insurance claims by preventing ice damming at the roof’s edge. The Original and Half Carat Copper Snow Guards will enhance the beauty of any commercial or residential property while serving a functional purpose.

Product Data

Max® Snow Guards
Designs: Original Design – Copper with 13” Tab; Half Carat Design – Copper with 13” Tab

Dimensions: D3.5”x W3.5”x H2.5” Dimensions: D2.5” x W3.0” x H2.5”

Weight: 1.2lbs / each Weight: 1.2 lbs / each

Packaging Units: 25 count / carton Weight: 30 lb / carton Freight Class: 50

Sun Tubes

Sun Tubes are an easy to install, leak-proof system allowing you to bring sunlight into a space where it is has never before been possible. Models include three tube sizes with both a curb mount and a built-in flashing design. With its patented RoofGrip one-piece polycarbonate design, the notion of a skylight being a “leaker” is a thing of the past. Also available is the Spyder multi-tube design that allows you to illuminate several rooms with one skylight! Everything you need to install the system is included in one box.

Product Data
Sun Tubes Self-flashing Tube; Curb mounted Tube; Shallow attic Tube;
Spyder – MTS, multiple Tube skylight system
Sun Tube
Spyder System: Dome: Leakproof & Insulated; Reflective: By Design with Light Diffuser

Base Units: 2 Light Lenses OR 4 Light Lenses. Both in multiple configurations.
Packaging: 1 unit FOB: Orlando, FL Warranty: Limited 20 Years