Copper Gutter

Copper Gutter Systems made in Germany. This complete ½ round product line of 20 oz seamless copper gutters and downspouts offer the

complimentary accessories of rounded end caps, star outlet drops, incline clean-outs, leader boxes…you name it. When upgrading your roof, with any of our fine Max roof tiles, give it the crowning glory of our gutter system.

Product Data
Copper Gutter Systems Imported 18 & 20 oz. Copper. German Technology.

Product Offering: Half-round: Gutter 10’length & 18’length; End-Caps or Bull Nose;
Star or Plain Drop; Miters – inside & outside; Outlet drop.

Seamless: Downspout 10’length; “Y” Downspout; Offsets; Elbows;

Inline cleanout.

Accessories: Downspout bracket with screw; Fascia hangers; Drain Screens

Ornamental Flower, Leaf and Fishhead Spout; Bolts/Screws

Packaging: Per order Weight: Per Order FOB: Jackson, MI