Sky Lights

Skylights – you choose your style! Available with 7 built-in flashing or 4 curb-mounted designs at virtually any size, these leak-proof skylights are compatible with all sloped roof styles. Save time and money with these easy to install skylights. Patented water diversion channels quickly wick away any water from around the skylight. 5 glazing options are available: Bronze, Clear Tempered, Clear “Low E”
Tempered, Clear Laminated, and Azurlite Tempered.

Product Data
Skylights Classic Series – Curb Mounted Glass;
Classic Models available: Vented Glass; Fixed Glass; Tile Glass

Dura Series – Lexan ®

Dura Models available: Self-flashing Aluminum; Tiled Plastic; Curb Mount Plastic

R – Value: Standard: 2.17 Clear/tempered: 2.20; Low-E: 2.90; Azurlite/Low-E: 3.80

LCS – Value: Standard: 94 Azurlite/Low-E: 127; Azurlite/Azurlite: 130