Top Slate

Top Slate provides a solution to roofing problems caused by poor ventilation on slate roofs. This product is offered in 20 oz copper or in various colors with Kynar 500. This product is easy to install, comes in 10 foot lengths and adjusts to various roof pitches. Finish the ridge with a ventilation system that will last

the lifetime of the roof.

Top Slate Vent & Cap System for Slate Roofs – Ventilation Mesh & Baffles are optional.

Models: Cap – Vent – Vent with External Baffles

Metals & Finishes: Kynar 500 Coated (colored) Aluminum, .050, type 5005

Copper or Lead-Coated Copper, 20 oz., half-hard

Installation: Interlocking 10’ lengths, drop in slate attachment with snap cap. Accessories included.