Even if you have a large home, you might have a few awkward corners or rooms that you’d love to decorate, but due to their small size, you aren’t quite sure how to decorate them to their maximum potential. It can be difficult if the rest of your home is in top condition, but a few small areas keep it from flowing well. If you have small spaces in your home, there are a few easy ways to open them up and have them looking fantastic.

If you feel like the walls are closing in on you when you are in your small space, your first step is to clean out the clutter. Boxes, excess furniture, and knick-knacks all contribute to making a tiny area feel even more cramped. Remove everything from the area and decide which items you’d like to keep and which you’d like to remove permanently.

Color is vital in a small space. If you choose deep, dark tones you are more likely to make the room feel even tinier. Choose light, airy colors for tiny rooms. Creams, pale yellows, light, icy blues: All of these colors contribute to an airy feel that would be perfect in a small room. Keep the colors solid as well. Breaking up a small room with two tone color will make the space feel cramped.

Lighting is important when decorating a small room. It’s vital to maximize the amount of light you can put in your room, so choose an overhead fixture, wall sconces, and a table lamp of some sort. If there is a window, put either a blind or a curtain, but not both. You want the light to flood in and open the room in order for it to feel bigger.

Furniture that is similar in color to your walls can actually make your space feel larger. If you have taupe on your walls, find a taupe chair or sofa. Be sure to keep your couches, chairs, or loveseats on the small side as well. Big, heavy pieces in the room will only serve to make it feel even smaller.

Don’t clutter your walls with photos or art work in a small room. One or two small pieces per wall are enough. Be sure that they are proportionate to the space. You wouldn’t want to add a massive art print to a wall in a small space as it would be the first thing you’d see and it would make the rest of the room look even smaller. Mirrors are great for smaller areas, as they reflect the opposite walls and create the illusion of space.

It is the small areas of your home that truly give it character. Tiny offices, small hallways; they reflect the uniqueness that makes up a big part of the personality of your home. Embrace the small spaces and decorate them in such a way that makes them shine. Your home will flow better, and you will love spending time in your small space.

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